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You Can Be Successful in Nursing School---And We Want To Help

These modules that you can click on will be a resource to you
to have an idea of what nursing school is going to be like.

So take your time with them--a little humor is intended.

Just click on the links below to access each module. Feedback is always welcome; e-mail or call 601-498-9196 for any questions.

Let's Get Started!

Being A Nurse Means Examing Why You Want To Be A Nurse--

Who's Taking Notes???

What Type of Learner Are You?

What is so Different About Nursing Tests?

How Do I Prepare For Nursing Class?

Have You Got The Time?

Will Nursing School Cause Me Much Stress?

Do You Have the Right Stuff for "Clinical"?

"Clinical - The Day You Have Been Waiting For"

Communication - Are You Talking To Me?

Computers & Technology in Nursing - Computerized Charts, Simulations

Just what is Clinical Evaluation - Did I Pass?

Who Can I Go To For HELP?


Evaluation of the Modules - We care what you think!